About Us

Axcent is a company dealing with services and solutions in the field of engineering and Information Technology made up of a team of professionals engaged in the constant search for innovative technologies in behalf of its customers.
Founded in 2008, the company is located in Italy with offices in Milan, Rome and Naples. Since 2009 it has expanded internationally with offices in Sao Paulo, Brazil and in Johannesburg, South Africa.
Axcent has its own Software Factory – constantly connected with the different internal technological divisions: Engineering, Information Technology and Research and Development – focused on the design and the implementation of complex software systems designed ad hoc in order to meet the specific needs of the customer. Strong, and with a major experience in development, testing and putting into operation of the Software produced, Axcent boasts Customers mainly active in the fields of Public Administration, Telecommunications and services, finance, industry and railway transport.
The constant investment in Research and Development has also enabled the company to develop several techniques, softwares and innovative processes, and to integrate cutting-edge solutions in partnership with external providers of excellence, in order to guarantee companies a major competitive advantage in the Market.
Passion and professionalism complete the profile of this young company able to combine know-how, technology and innovation and to create therefore a “smart” product designed to meet the needs of a Market in constant evolution.


Managing complexity by simplifying processes through technology, people and innovation


We always look ahead in order to learn, change, grow, and create the laboratory of the ideas of the future.

What we do

  • Management and support on complex projects;
  • Excellence in strategic technology areas;
  • Integration of planning and logistics systems;
  • Resources with specific and high quality expertise;
  • Resources destined to individual clients and projects;

Code of ethics

The Code of Ethics is the Constitutional Charter of the Company, the charter of the Moral Rights and Duties which defines the ethical and social responsibilities of every component in the Company; it is a behavioral set of rules and principles that every activity and every individual at all hierarchical level in Axcent’s group, has to comply with. Being conscious of its history and staying faithful to the path undertaken during the years, Axcent defines its own Code of ethics where all its principles, values and commitments portraying its identity, are subsumed.