The competence and the experience gained in the Rail sector, have made Axcent a competitive reality thanks to a structured offer for the following activities:

The Control-Room

The Control-room is a set of processes, methodologies and tools aimed to an optimizated maintenance of rolling stock. A team of engineers monitor remotely and in real time the state of the fleets. Analysing the train diagnostic data which are downloaded remotely, the engineers are able to predict failures of rolling stock and supervise depots operations with a prompt and targeted troubleshooting. As a result, the clients will have a better availability of rolling stock and better management of the resources and employees in depots. The interpretation of the downloaded data are engineered with rules that allow to point out the actual damage, with a very low margin of error. The troubleshooting itself is engineered to provide the maintenance technicians with procedures that reduce the time and the cost of corrective maintenance. More generally, the Control Room is a new approach to data analysis. It allows you to manage fleets, systems, and manufacturing cycles, controlling their status on an ongoing basis. It allows you to monitor and analyse the remote diagnostics status, helping intervene promptly with an effective and targeted maintenance. The Control Room is a project that can be extended to many spheres (Industry, Rail, Road transport, Marine, Aviation, etc…).


Qualified engineering support

Axcent has a seasoned and highly qualified technical structure able to support its customers in the development of rail projects. In our Rail engineering branch you can find:

  • System engineers;
  • Expert analysts;
  • Specialists in education and training;
  • Experts in the development of the topics of ECM for those formally responsible for the maintenance of rolling stock to the ANSF;
  • Experts in the development of maintenance- oriented documentation;
  • Specialist in static structural analysis, dynamic and fatigue (analysis and vibro-acoustic calculations, realization of prototypes and / or series of product);
  • Experts CAD designers.

Get All Information Of Things

This application allows the user interact with the product being used, letting him receive on a smartphone / tablet every information, both general and detailed ones, just using a simple interface. It gives access to information such as technical and management data of the component, Data sheets, Operating/maintenance Manuals, Spare parts list, Component life history (production data, repairs list, 3D component rendering models/drawings, Data and technical / commercial information of the manufacturer).

E-Learning Suite

It provides specific rail competencies for the developing of training courses for railway operators, giving support during all the different training phases: organization, deployment, skills verification and analysis.

TroubleShooting Guide

Axcent’s app presents the troubleshooting guide, in a Java environment, and it can be used on PC, tablets and smartphones. It is a tool that can help the maintenance technicians resolve the breakdowns on the train by providing multimedial guidelines, as service manuals, photos, videos, set of images, measuring indicators. After the login session, along with informations related to the geolocalization, safety, the needed tools and all technical information, the worker can access the guide in two different ways: full view or step-by-step.

TroubleShooting Guide


is an intuitive user interface that consists of a multimedia catalogue which creates a link between the drawing of the components and the relative spare parts. By placing the cursor above an item, its technical data is automatically shown. With a simple “click” on the shopping cart, the stock component can be directly ordered, or it can be requested to issue a purchase request by interfacing with institutional SW management (SAP, Maximo, OpenDB).



Is a Fleet management SW, divided into 9 modules, which allows both the actualization of all activities for a proper management of the fleet (rail, but potentially also of all means of transport), and it allows an easy demonstration of compliance to ANSF requirements for the responsible parties ECM (Entity in charge of Maintenance).


Test activities, commissioning and qualified maintenance

Axcent has a seasoned and highly qualified operational structure too. It is able to support its customers in the testing, commissioning and qualified maintenance of rail vehicles and rail systems. Our resources own the formal qualifications required by the National Agency of Railway Safety (ANSF) and Trenitalia (COCS / 30). Our competence ranges in highly skilled activities such as:

  • comprehensive maintenance of signalling systems ATC (Automatic Train Control);
  • electronic locomotives (Vectron, F4, U4), trains of regional transport (Minuet);
  • trains of regional transport (Minuet);
  • the testing and trial of fire systems and pneumatic distribution.