Research and development

In the digital world, where technologies and IT solutions are evolving on a daily basis, research and development of new business models today are even more crucial. Axcent wants to walk along with Companies always looking for innovative technological models aimed to support the new digital economic business sector. For us, the research for new trends and technologies in the ICT world is the future to which we devote our best talents by creating a culture of innovation in every area of our company. Axcent is involved in a number of projects as part of Industry 4.0, the Internet of Things (IoT) and Big data, all structured and designed to be usable as quickly as possible. In particular, our R & D division aims to:

  • promote the development and innovation in the field of industrial research, the industrialization of solutions, services and infrastructure;
  • implement new solutions by integrating and / or innovating the infrastructures already existing;
  • enable manufacturing companies to develop and promote the offered opportunities with the progress made by the 4.0 Industry;
  • increase the competitiveness and the company‚Äôs know-how.

Non Stop Training

What is certain, in Axcent, is the attention we give to the continuous training of our employees. In each sector we offer the best team of experts, always plugged-in and always able to compete and adapt to the constant technological and organizational changes. Through this approach, the company manages to be a reality in constant growth, and with the Software Factory, it helps to always feel part of a challenging and rewarding professional career.