When standard solutions of the Market do not offer a suitable response to the needs of the business, the creation of ad hoc systems in order to meet the specific needs of the customer becomes necessary. Accordingly, Axcent created a Service & Software Factory primarily devoted to the development and maintenance activities of the software at the service of the company’s Business Units. Our Software Factory is the production center dedicated to the specialization and sharing of resources, as part of the development processes and services, consisting of a team that works in close collaboration, powered by the Front End line.

Development model


Our supplier-costumer cooperation model is based on the prospect of an integrated Software Factory that enables:

  • a rigorous and simple coordination among the various components of the process of design, development, testing and delivery;
  • the development and the integration of softwares both for an end-to-end logic and also just for certain parts or individual tasks in a project, leaving the control and the ownership to the customer;
  • the In-house Management of most of the processes as well as the continuous synchrony with the customer through the help of dynamic and flexible coordinators traveling between the Software Factory and the operational headquarters.

Competence center

Our competence center was created:

  • to monitor the evolution and innovation of products and the main technologies on the market;
  • to develop products and services of great innovation, high quality and high added value;
  • to develop specific skills to be spent on the market’s primarily interests and onto the related macro-processes, regardless of the technologies that implement them;
  • to provide specific expertise, giving over feasibility studies and detailed analysis about the main technologies available on the market.